April 2001 AAOS Report

April 2001 is "Prevent Injuries America!" month

The AAOS, in partnership with its state orthopaedic and specialty societies, is launching "Prevent Injuries America!" month in April 2001. The theme of the month, "Prevent Injuries America! Live Better, Move Better, Play Better," will kick-off a year-long public relations campaign that provides prevention tips for all ages on a variety of orthopaedic conditions. A series of print, television and radio public service announcements also will be developed to support the program's message. Through the "Prevent Injuries America!" campaign, the AAOS will make available to the public a wide variety of prevention and "wellness" information on specific sports- and work-related injuries, home safety issues, driving safety tips, advice on proper shoe fit and ways to prevent falls. Throughout the year, additional topics will be added to the campaign. For more information, check the AAOS web site, www.aaos.org, and click onto Public and Media.

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