April 2001 AAOS Report

Manual helps develop awareness of Bone and Joint Decade

Forty-six state societies have earned proclamations recognizing the Bone and Joint Decade. The AAOS has developed a manual, "Building Awareness of the Bone and Joint Decade (2000-2010) for State and Specialty Societies." The manual outlines ways to help the American public better understand the impact of musculoskeletal health on their quality of life. A few suggestions on promoting the Bone and Joint Decade: Write an Op/Ed piece for your local newspaper about the Decade or promote research presented at your organization's annual meeting or published in your scientific journal to the media. Orthopaedic surgeons might also want to participate in the Special Olympics State Games, volunteering for musculoskeletal screenings and event coverage. There is also the patient stories section on the AAOS web site, www.aaos.org, which depends on orthopaedists' involvement. Members can submit patient success stories and help put a human face on the specialty of orthopaedics. The new manual will provide more details. One copy will be sent to each state orthopaedic society but orthopaedic surgeons or practices can obtain additional manuals by calling Joyce Knauss at (847) 384-4334.

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