April 2003 AAOS Report

AAOS distributing Internet-based HIPAA compliance product

AAOS has entered into an agreement with HIPAAdocs Corporation to serve as the exclusive distributor for HIPAAprep for Orthopaedics™. HIPAAprep is an Internet-based product designed to help orthopaedic practices comply with the HIPAA Privacy regulations. Offices must take steps to be in compliance with the regulations by April 14, 2003. HIPAAprep for Orthopaedics assists orthopaedists in achieving compliance with HIPAA in four key areas. First, it provides online training for the practice's privacy officer. Second, the product guides the privacy officer in undertaking a gap analysis to identify areas where the office is out of compliance with the regulations. Third, HIPAAprep contains policies, procedures and forms plus the capability to tailor them to the practice's individual needs. Finally, it provides training for office personnel including physicians and staff. The product is currently being expanded to include compliance with state privacy laws at no additional charge. Practices receive updates regarding changes to both federal and state regulations free for a full year. User licenses can be renewed in future years for a nominal fee. Discounted pricing for HIPAAprep is available for AAOS members.
Obtain information about the product by calling (866) 299-5962.

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