April 2003 AAOS Report

AAOS launches new orthopaedic risk management newsletter

The first issue of the Orthopaedic Medical Legal Advisor will soon arrive in the mail of all AAOS Fellows, candidate members and senior orthopaedic residents. The quarterly publication is dedicated to assisting orthopaedic surgeons in reducing the risk of incurring professional liability losses by identifying clinical risk situations, presenting case examples and data, and addressing "standard of care" issues. Academy Fellow Laura L. Forese, MD, of New York, is editor-in-chief, Jack C. Childers Jr., MD, is managing editor with assistance and contributions from the AAOS Professional Liability Committee, which also serves as the editorial advisory board. Lawrence Brenner, JD, who previously edited a similar publication sponsored by Columbia University in New York, is the editor.

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