April 2004 AAOS Report

Meet the challenges of foot and ankle reconstruction

Advanced Reconstruction, Foot and Ankle, edited by James A. Nunley, MD; Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD; Roy W. Sanders, MD; and Elly Trepman, MD, explores challenging orthopaedic foot and ankle conditions in a problem/solution format. Developed with the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, this practical, richly illustrated guide covers 76 challenging foot and ankle conditions, including complications, failed surgeries and neurological problems. Each chapter presents the most effective approaches to solving a complex surgical problem-and avoiding potential pitfalls. Included with the book is a free DVD with more than three hours of surgical footage from the Academy's January 2004 "Advanced Foot and Ankle Surgery" course. The book is available for $160 for AAOS members and $130 for residents. To order, call AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726.

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