April 2004 AAOS Report

"Knowledge is our business," says new AAOS President

Robert W. Bucholz, MD, became the 72nd president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons on March 12. Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, assumed the position of first vice president, and Richard F. Kyle, MD, was elected second vice president.

"Knowledge is more than information," said Dr. Bucholz in his presentation during the Ceremonial Meeting. "It is not the 'who, what, when or where,' but rather, the 'how and the why' of a subject. The Academy functions as both a filter and generator of knowledge." He continued: "Our most valuable asset is our aggregate intellectual capital. This capital is derived from dedicated, creative volunteers and staff. The information provided by the AAOS is indispensable to a knowledgeable practice of orthopaedic surgery."

In describing his plans for the future, Dr. Bucholz said that the foundation of the Academy's mission has always been scientific and clinical education. But competition from the orthopaedic industry, specialty societies, regional societies and academic institutions is challenging its position as the leader in orthopaedic education and forcing the development of new strategies, he said, particularly in the areas of CME, Internet-based education, government relations, advocacy and membership.

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