AAOS Report - April, 2005

Humanitarian Award nominations due July 1

Nomination forms and supporting materials for the 2006 Humanitarian Award are due July 1, 2005. There are no longer any limits on the number of times a person can be nominated for the Humanitarian Award. The award is not given posthumously.

Examples of musculoskeletal efforts that would be eligible for the Humanitarian Award include championing the rights of people with disabilities and performing overseas medical service either independently or through a disaster relief organization such as Orthopaedics Overseas or Doctors Without Borders. The AAOS Humanitarian of the Year must be committed, through actions, to musculoskeletal-related humanitarian activities.

To nominate an AAOS fellow, submit a nomination for the 2006 Humanitarian Award. For more information, contact Addy Kujawa, coordinator, public education and media relations, (847) 384-4033, or e-mail her at kujawa@aaos.org. The application is online at http://www.aaos.org/awards (password protected).

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