AAOS Report - April, 2005

Testing your cultural aptitude

What’s your cultural IQ? Orthopaedic surgeons can test their cultural competency by taking the new Cultural Competency Challenge CD-ROM, produced by the AAOS Diversity Committee. The challenge is provided on an interactive CD that features 18 patient cases and 90 questions to help orthopaedists learn about the cultural diversity of their patients. A variety of cultural, ethnic and religious issues are explored - from African American, Hispanic and Asian to Jehovah’s Witness and Muslim patients. A sample of the challenge - consisting of five questions - appears on the AAOS Diversity Web site at www.aaos.org/diversity. Funded in part by an educational grant from Zimmer, Inc., the Cultural Challenge is both self-enriching and an ideal teaching tool. The interactive CD is free, while supplies last, to orthopaedic surgeons in the United States. A postage and handling fee is added to orders outside the United States. To place your order, call customer service at (800) 626-6726, or logon at www.aaos.org/challenge (password protected).

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