AAOS Report - April, 2006

Vote on Standards of Professionalism

The AAOS needs your vote! Ballots will soon be mailed on the proposed Standards of Professionalism (SOPs) on Research and Academic Responsibilities. These SOPs were drafted at the request of a special Board Project Team and have been reviewed and shaped by members of the Board of Councilors, Ethics Committee, Committee on Professionalism, Board of Directors, and at the 2006 Annual Meeting by the Bylaws Committee, Standards of Professionalism Oversight Committee and at the business meeting.

If adopted, the SOPs on Research and Academic Responsibilities will become mandatory for all fellows and members. Alleged violations of the SOPs may serve as the basis for a formal grievance to and professional compliance action by the AAOS Board of Directors. At least 20 percent of the fellowship must return their ballots, and two-thirds of the returned ballots must favor adoption of the SOPs for passage.

Access to the proposed SOPs and the Professional Compliance Program is available online. Questions or comments can be e-mailed to aaosexpertwitness@aaos.org or professionalcompliance@aaos.org. You may also contact the Professional Compliance Program Coordinator at (847) 384-4047.

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