April 1996 AAOS Report

Two international groups merge

The International Arthroscopy Association (IAA) and the International Society of the Knee (ISK) recently merged to become one international orthopaedic society - the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS). New officers of ISAKOS are Peter J. Fowler, MD, president; Gary G.Poehling, MD, vice president; Craig D. Morgan, MD, secretary; Richard B. Caspari, MD, treasurer; Harold Eikelaar, MD, past president IAA; and Rene Marti, MD, past president ISK. ISAKOS will hold its annual meeting, May 11-16, 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For registration material, contact the ISAKOS office, (847) 698-1632.

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