August 2001 AAOS Report

AAOS initiative helps members enhance communication skills

An AAOS initiative to help orthopaedic surgeons gain new skills in patient-physician communications is being implemented. The initial goal is to educate a cadre of 24 orthopaedic surgeons to become teachers of patient-physician communication techniques.The workshops are 4 1/2 hours. Each mentor is responsible for conducting four workshops in two years. The goal is to train about 1000 Academy members and residents in the next two years. The project team for the Communications Skills Mentoring Program is led by John Tongue, MD, past chairman of the Board of Councilors. The workshop will be taught as an Instructional Course Lecture at the 2002 Annual Meeting in Dallas, with limited space. AAOS members have responded enthusiastically to the initial call for mentors. If members' applications are not selected in the first round, they will be considered again at a later date.

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