December 2000 AAOS Report

AAOS members can make use of job service at Annual Meeting

Through the AAOS Job Placement Service, members can access a list of more than 550 orthopaedic surgeons looking for a practice and include their own job opportunity, by submitting a Practice Opportunity Listing Form for only $350. You will receive a password allowing you to review those candidates who meet your criteria and allow them, as well as other AAOS members, to view your listing. Both listings are also published quarterly in hard copy. Listings of job opportunities and candidates who are in attendance at the 68th Annual Meeting in San Francisco will be published daily. All participants should check in at the Placement Center in Room 300 of the Moscone Convention Center to ensure that listings will be included in the Annual Meeting publications. Additional information is available through the AAOS Fax-on-demand system at (800) 999-2939. Document 4002 is an application to list an open position, and document 4003 is an application for those seeking a position. For more information, contact: AAOS Member Services (800) 346-2267, or e-mail,

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