December 2001 AAOS Report

AAOS seeks success stories in orthopaedic research

AAOS is seeking medical research success stories. If you have a story about how advances in orthopaedic research have helped a patient, AAOS staff want to know about it. During a recent event with Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.), the ranking member of the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, told AAOS Washington staff that NIH officials and their allies including the medical research community, will have to translate how past increases in medical research funding have increased the quality and advances in health care. Without these compelling references, it may be increasingly difficult to reach the doubling effort by 2003. You can assist by providing examples of recent medical advances accomplished with the support of increased federal funding over the past three years and why Congress should continue to provide NIH with increased funding. We need personal, gripping stories to support Congressional lobbying efforts for research funding. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact Caryn Prosansky, (847) 384-4310, or send an e-mail to

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