December 2004 AAOS Report

Watch for BONES Society Benchmarking Survey

Members of the BONES Society, a national association for orthopaedic practice administrators, will receive the 2004 Benchmarking Survey in early January 2005. The final reports and online tools will allow participants to perform multiple benefit and salary comparisons. AAOS fellows are asked to urge their practice administrators to complete the Web-based survey; it is easy and confidential and contains information that will enhance your orthopaedic practice. Survey results are only available to those who participate.

If you want your practice administrator to have access to orthopaedic-specific practice education, resources and networking, please consider an investment in BONES membership. BONES members have valuable resources and educational and networking opportunities available to them. Contact the BONES Society office at (800) 470-9699, or visit the Web site at

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