AAOS Report - December, 2005

AAOS, FPSC to develop specialty benchmarks for academic orthopaedists

The AAOS has signed an agreement with Oakbrook, Ill.-based Faculty Practice Solutions Center (FPSC) to develop orthopaedic subspecialty benchmarks for orthopaedists in academic practice. FPSC is a joint initiative of the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) and the Association of American Medical Colleges; it is operated by UHC. At present, more than 70 academic institutions representing more than 1,400 orthopaedists are members of FPSC.

Benchmarks will be created for several subspecialties: hand, foot/ankle, sports, joint/adult reconstruction, spine, shoulder/elbow, pediatrics, trauma and general orthopaedics. Benchmarks will include work and total relative value units (RVUs) per clinical full-time-equivalent (FTE) physician, billed charges per clinical FTE, and evaluation and management (E&M) coding distributions.

FPSC will provide AAOS with aggregated information regarding their subspecialty benchmarks for publication to Academy members. Participating institutions will receive detailed information about the benchmarks; they will also receive data regarding the RVUs, the billed charges and the E&M code distributions of their own affiliated orthopaedic surgeons. AAOS will not be disclosing any confidential information regarding its members to FPSC or any third party. Similarly, FPSC will not be disclosing any confidential information relating to any of its member organizations to any other organization.

The initiative to develop subspecialty RVU benchmarks is the first of its kind in orthopaedics. AAOS encourages academic orthopaedic department chairs to participate in the initiative by submitting data to FPSC. Institutions interested in becoming FPSC members should contact Jeff L Good, UHC’s Assistant Director for Group Practice, by phone (630) 954-4717 or e-mail at good@uhc.edu.

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