AAOS Report - December, 2005

AAOS collecting orthopaedic “thank yous”

How have your patients or their families said “thank you”? The AAOS’ 75th Anniversary Committee is collecting thank you notes, cards, letters, pictures or anything that was used to say “thank you” for your efforts to improve their lives. It might be a letter about how you changed their life, enabled them to play with their children or grandchildren again, or made it easier for them to walk around the neighborhood or spend time cooking gourmet meals. You may have received drawn or painted pictures illustrating how you opened up the world for them, by enabling them to play on a playground with other children or participate in sports.

Send your thank yous by e-mail to kujawa@aaos.org or fax them to (847) 823-7268. You may send either text and/or digital images to be posted on the Web site. If you have any questions, please contact Addy Kujawa in public education and media relations by phone, (847) 384-4033, or e-mail kujawa@aaos.org.

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