December 1995 AAOS Report

Academy to launch "Winning At Risk" course series

The Academy is launching its next nationwide managed care course series - Winning At Risk: The Interplay of Cost, Quality, and Access in Orthopaedic Practice. Tentative course dates and locations are: March 9-10, Phoenix; March 23-24, Orlando; April 13-14, Philadelphia; May 4-5, Chicago; June 14-15, Los Angeles; Sept. 28-29, Washington, D.C.; Oct. 19-20, Dallas; Nov. 9-10, San Francisco; and Dec. 7-8, Atlanta. The new courses will provide information on how to effectively manage managed care contracts whether they are under capitation or discounted fee-for-service as well as provide guidance on how to develop a practice-based quality management program for both internal practice control and external accountability. The 1 1/2 - day program also will detail quality management tools needed for utilization management, outcomes management, patient satisfaction and acquisition, and data application. The program will include panel discussions, case examples, and conclude with an applied strategies workshop. Faculty members include 1993 Academy president Bernard A. Rineberg, MD; Thomas J. Grogan, MD; Robert W. Westergan, MD; Richard E. Strain Jr., MD; and managed care executive Linda Eldridge. Orthopaedic surgeons and their practice administrators and managers are encouraged to attend the course. Registration fees are $475 for Academy members; $475 for practice administrators and managers of Academy members; $575 for nonmember orthopaedists and their managers and administrators; and $625 for all other nonmembers. Registration for the courses begins Jan. 3, 1996.

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