December 1996 AAOS Report

Health Policy Update available on home page, fax-on-demand

Health Policy Update now is available on the Academy's home page and fax-on-demand system. Developed by the Academy's health policy department, each update will cover a different topic relating to current changes in health care due to the growth of managed care. Legal issues and payment trends also will be addressed as well as a variety of topics on physician network arrangements. Each Health Policy Update includes a brief discussion, points for orthopaedists to consider and a listing of reference articles. Three Health Policy Updates currently are available: "Direct Contracting for Orthopaedists," "Medicare Managed Care Competitive Bidding Demonstration" and "Beneficiary Access Under Medicare Managed Care." They are available by accessing the AAOS home page at in the "Health Policy Federal and State, Board of Councilors" section.

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