February 2000 AAOS Report

Board approves position statement on telemedicine

A new AAOS position statement, "Telemedicine, Computers and the Internet," was approved by the Board of Directors in December 1999. The position statement states that the AAOS supports the appropriate use of telemedicine to provide access to specialists in the continuing effort to improve the quality of patient care in the United States; that it believes that telemedicine services should be appropriately reimbursed, commensurate with the work and practice costs involved in performing the services; that national standards should be established to regulate venue and provide minimum licensure requirements specifically for telemedicine contacts; and that the same ethical and professional standards which govern the physician- patient relationship in traditional medical practice also should apply to telemedicine practice. The position statement is available on the AAOS home page at www.aaos.org.

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