February 2003 AAOS Report

Evidence-Based Practice Committee will hold discussion groups

In accordance with the Evidence-Based Practice Committee's (EBPC) vision to engage in, participate in, influence, inform and learn from initiatives that define and improve the quality of orthopaedic practice, the following two discussion groups have been created on the AAOS Web site: Evidence-Based Practice Discussion Group and Outcomes Data Collection Discussion Group. In the Evidence-Based Practice Discussion Group, members will participate in discussions dedicated to developing and/or fostering an evidence-based practice. The Outcomes Data Collection Discussion Group will cover use of the outcomes instruments as a way to promote evidence-based practice. The EBPC hopes that through member participation and the dissemination of ideas in these two forums, the AAOS can help to improve patient health and safety by promoting quality musculoskeletal care through the implementation of evidence-based practice.

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