February 2004 AAOS Report

Members can test their cultural competence at Annual Meeting

At the upcoming Annual Meeting, the Diversity Committee will give AAOS members an opportunity to determine their culturally competent care IQ. Located in a kiosk in the Resource Center, the Cultural Competency Challenge will offer an interactive review of the cultural sensitivities that orthopaedists need to possess in an increasingly diverse culture. Short case studies will be followed by multiple choice questions that concern cultural sensitivity. Developed by the Diversity Committee, chaired by Ramon Jimenez, MD, the Cultural Competency Challenge presents questions on a range of subjects, from how to address patients to respecting the customs of a specific culture.

"We have tried to make the questions very specific," said Dr. Jimenez. "We're trying to stimulate awareness. It's a completely voluntary thing. We think people might learn some thing about themselves, and from there, awareness and sensitivity can only grow."

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