AAOS Report - February, 2005

Fellows and members will vote on Professional Compliance Program

AAOS fellows and members will be asked to vote on a standard-setting Professional Compliance Program following the 2005 Annual Meeting. The Notice of Annual Business Meetings recently mailed to each fellow contains the complete text of three Standards of Professionalism (SOPs) that establish minimum standards of acceptable conduct for orthopaedic surgeons. In addition, the February AAOS Bulletin features an extensive article that provides details on how the Expert Witness Project Team developed the SOPs as well as how the AAOS Code of Medical Ethics and Professionalism for Orthopaedic Surgeons corresponds to the SOPs. The Feb. 23 edition of Academy News will contain a special section devoted to the AAOS Professional Compliance Program. Questions and comments about the SOPs and the Professional Compliance Program may be e-mailed to professionalcompliance@aaos.org.

Fellows are encouraged to participate in discussions about the SOPs and the Professional Compliance Program during the 2005 Annual Meeting. Opportunities for discussion include the Bylaws Committee Open Hearing on February 23, the Business Meetings on February 25, and the Town Hall Meeting immediately following the Business Meetings.

In addition, AAOS staff will be available in the Professional Compliance/Expert Witness Program booth on Academy Row, opposite the Resource Center in Hall D, during the Annual Meeting.

Following the meeting, AAOS fellows will vote on the three SOPs as well as the Bylaws amendments that incorporate the AAOS Professional Compliance Program. If adopted by the fellowship, the Professional Compliance Program should be operational by Spring 2005.

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