AAOS Report - February, 2006

Don’t forget to complete the 2006 AAOS Member Census

If you haven’t already done so, there is still time to complete the 2006 AAOS Member Census. A second mailing of the questionnaire will be made in mid-February to all AAOS members whose completed form has not been received. 

You will need the following practice information: work schedules, patient payer sources, compensation information and overall number of procedures in a month. Also make sure you know an approximate monthly figure for the following procedures: carpal tunnel release, knee arthroscopy, spinal fusion, anterior cruciate ligament repair, total/partial/revision hip replacement, total/unicompartmental/bi-tri-compartmental/revision knee replacement, rotator cuff repair and spinal disc replacement.

Your voice is essential to enable the AAOS to better serve your needs. Results of the 2006 Census will be posted online during the summer. The 2004 Member Census results can be found at online.

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