January 2000 AAOS Report

Names in the news

New officers for the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons are Bernard F. Morrey, MD, president; Tom R. Norris, MD, president-elect; John M. Fenlin Jr., MD, immediate past-president; Louis U. Bigliani, MD, past-president; Gary M. Gartsman, MD, secretary/treasurer; Christopher M. Jobe, MD, secretary/treasurer-elect; Douglas T. Harryman II, MD, member-at-large; and Gerald R. Williams Jr., MD, member-at-large . . . New officers of the Clinical Orthopaedic Society are E. Boone Brackett III, MD, president; Stephen K. Bubb, MD, first president-elect; Robert H. Haralson III, MD, second president-elect; J. Donald Opgrande, MD, secretary trearsurer; James J. Hamilton, MD, secretary treasurer-elect; Thomas Meirink, MD, membership chairman; James Sammarco, MD, librarian-historian; Joseph DeFiore, MD, immediate past president; G.W. Malcom Granberry, MD, past president; Magruder S. Corban, MD, member-at large; and Hugh P. Brown, MD, member-at-large.The Eastern Orthopaedic Association's 1999-2000 officers are A. Lee Osterman, MD, president; Charles H. Classen Jr., MD, immediate past president; James A. Nunley II, MD, first vice president; Edward A. Rankin, MD, second vice president; J. Richard Bowen, MD, secretary; Enzo J. Sella, MD, treasurer; Robert N. Richards Jr., MD, historian; John D. Lubahn, MD, program chair; Howard A. Rose, MD, membership chair; and Thomas S. Renshaw, MD, managing director . . .New officers of the Kentucky Orthopaedic Society are John J. Vaughn, MD, president; J. Steven Shockey, MD, program chair; K. Thomas Reichard, MD, councilor; Janet L. Walker, MD, secretary; and James K. Ritterbusch, MD, treasurer.

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