January 2003 AAOS Report

Dr. Lars Lidgren to receive honorary AAOS membership

Lars Lidgren, MD, not only invented the Bone and Joint Decade but has served as its guiding force and oversaw its progress into a worldwide movement. For all of his efforts on behalf of the Bone and Joint Decade, at the 2003 Annual Meeting, Dr. Lidgren will receive an AAOS honorary membership, one of the highest honors the AAOS can bestow on a non-member. Dr. Lidgren helped the U.S. Decade create an effective coalition of 15 Founding Member organizations and assumed another essential role in assembling 45 nations that support the Bone and Joint Decade. Dr. Lidgren began the movement in 1998, when he established an international steering committee, a strategic planning meeting in Lund, Sweden in 1999 and an historic kick-off event in Geneva in 2000.

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