AAOS Report - January, 2005

Board takes action on professional compliance programs; approves several statements, advisory opinions

With President Robert W. Bucholz, MD, presiding, the AAOS Board of Directors took several actions at its meeting on Dec. 3-4, 2004 in Chicago.

David A. Halsey, MD, chair of the Expert Witness Board Project Team, presented and the Board approved three Standards of Professionalism, forming the basis of the AAOS Professional Compliance Program. These standards, which include “Orthopaedic Expert Witness Testimony,” are described in greater detail below. The fellowship will vote on the standards and proposed bylaws amendments implementing the new AAOS Professional Compliance Program immediately following the 2005 Annual Meeting.

The Board approved the business plan for extending the Communications Skills Mentoring Program through 2007. Several patient safety projects were approved, including the new educational video on “Medical Error: A Preventable Complication.” Also approved were a new Patient Safety Curriculum and the “Patient Safety Office-Based Surgery Report and Checklists.”

The Board approved several Position Statements on topics that included “Physician-Owned Physical Therapy Services,” “Specialty Hospitals,” “Physician-Owned Physical Therapy Services,” “Defining Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace” and “New Technologies.” The Board further approved Advisory Opinions from the Board of Councilors on “Medical Staff Self-Governance” and “Support for Military Medicine.” Finally, the Board approved a statement on “Levels of Evidence for Primary Research Questions and Grades of Recommendations for Summaries or Reviews of Orthopaedic Surgical Studies””

To view the Position Statements in their entirety, go to the Library and Archives section of www.aaos.org and click on “Policies,” then click on either “Position Statements” or “Advisory Statements.”

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