AAOS Report - January, 2005

Names in the news

The North Carolina Orthopaedic Association elected officers at its recent 2004 annual meeting in Asheville, N.C. J. Gregory Nelson, MD, was elected president; Mark D. Foster, MD, president elect; David W. Boone, MD, vice president; Alfred L. Rhyne III, MD, secretary-treasurer.

The U.S. Aviation Administration honored Michael R. Treister, MD, on Nov. 5, 2004, for 29 years of continuous public service as a designated aviation medical examiner and accident investigator. Dr. Treister earned his private pilot’s license while on active duty with the U.S. Air Force in 1972 and later obtained instrument and multi-engine ratings.

A New York City artist with scoliosis, Laura Ferguson, featured in the AAOS "eMotion Pictures: An Exhibition of Orthopaedics in Art," has an exhibit in the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C. “Laura Ferguson: The Visible Skeleton Series” includes 50 multi-layered paintings based on medical images of the artist’s own skeleton. The exhibit will run through April 2005.

The Department of Surgery at Keller Army Hospital at West Point recently dedicated the West Point Sports Medicine Fellowship, formerly known as the United States Army Joint and Soft Tissue Trauma Fellowship, in honor of retired Colonel John A. Feagin Jr., MD. Dr. Feagin is an orthopaedic surgeon credited with initiating a sports medicine program at West Point.

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