AAOS Report - January, 2006

Board approves new governance structure; discusses communications, gainsharing; approves project reports

The AAOS Board of Directors, meeting in Chicago on Dec. 1-3, participated in a workshop on communications, approved a new governance structure, gave the go-ahead for several projects and held a strategic discussion on “gainsharing.”

A full-day workshop on communications, led by First Vice President Richard F. Kyle, MD, preceded the Board meeting. Participants discussed member communications, outreach to patients and the general public and direct-to-consumer advertising. The Board will hold a follow-up workshop later this year on AAOS communications efforts.

Culminating a year-long planning effort, the Board approved a new volunteer governance structure for the AAOS. A detailed report about the changes will appear in the February Bulletin.

The Board also approved a detailed three-year business plan—presented by Joshua J. Jacobs, MD, chair of the Council on Research and Scientific Affairs—for developing evidence-based treatment guidelines. The plan calls for developing 18 treatment guidelines and approximately 70 performance measures.

The Board approved the recommendation of the Orthopaedic Workforce Project Team, led by Frances A. Farley, MD, to convene a half-day symposium in conjunction with the 2006 National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference to develop a mechanism for continuous monitoring of orthopaedic work force data.

Second Vice President James H. Beaty, MD presented the report and recommendations of the AAOS Trauma Care/On-Call Coverage Project Team, which were approved by the Board. The recommendations included drafting three position statements on issues concerning on-call coverage.

During the two-hour strategic discussion on gainsharing, participants addressed a broad range of approaches being considered or implemented by hospitals across the country and the effect of these actions on medical practice. William Robb III, MD, described how gainsharing was implemented at his institution. Richard N. Peterson, JD, AAOS General Counsel and staff liaison to the Ethics Committee, articulated that committee’s concerns on the ethical obligations and legal duties orthopaedic surgeons have to patients under gainsharing agreements. David Halsey, MD, chair of the Council on Health Policy and Practice, addressed regulatory concerns and AAOS Washington Office Director David Lovett spoke about the legislative environment. The February Bulletin will provide an in-depth look at gainsharing.

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