AAOS Report - January, 2006

Leave your imprint in Chicago

The 2006 Safe, Accessible Playground will be built in Chicago on Tuesday, March 21. The AAOS is partnering with the Chicago Family Foundation and Black Youth in Action to build a playground in one day in Chicago’s Englewood community. On the recently held Design Day, children from the community drew the playground of their dreams (see photo); the children’s ideas are used in the actual design of the playground.

If you’re interested in lending a hand to this worthy effort, learn more about it and volunteer online by clicking on the Build a Playground link or contact Pat Julitz, 847-384-4036, julitz@aaos.org.

In addition to leaving your imprint at the playground, be sure to stop by the AAOS 75th Anniversary Celebration booth, located next to the Resource Center in Hall B. Your contributions to the historical collection will ensure that the 75th Anniversary Celebration accurately reflects AAOS history and the history of orthopaedics.

Use the computers at the booth to see the newest, most fascinating piece of AAOS history, the Digital Timelines. Instead of a static listing of dates and facts along a continuum, the Digital Timelines bring history to life with graphics, video, audio and more! For more information, contact Addy Kujawa, kujawa@aaos.org or (847) 384-4033.

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