January 1997 AAOS Report

AcroMed offers settlement in pedicle screw case

In other related news on the pedicle screw multidistrict litigation, AcroMed, a major spinal implant manufacturer, has agreed to settle with the Plaintiffs Legal Committee for $100 million. According to AcroMed's Dec. 6, 1996 press release, the settlement is expected to result in the dismissal of all claims against "AcroMed, its distributors and all surgeons who have worked with AcroMed, in addition to all claims against medical societies related to the sales and use of AcroMed products" and "... the surgeons, medical societies and distributors dismissed under the agreement will make no payments." According to AcroMed, "we have taken this action despite our firm belief that claims arising from the use of these devices in spinal fusion surgeries are without merit." Other defendant spinal implant manufacturers, physicians and medical societies including the Academy remain in the case because the claims filed against them involve non-AcroMed products.

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