July 2000 AAOS Report

Sept. 1 is deadline for Annual Meeting resolutions

Sept. 1 is the deadline to submit resolutions for the 2001 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Calif. Proposal resolutions may be submitted by any 20 Fellows or by a state orthopaedic society (in a resolution signed by its president and a majority of its Board of Directors). For resolutions to be binding, they must be submitted to the Board of Councilors before being considered by the fellowship at the Annual Meeting. At its fall meeting, the councilors will hold an open hearing on all submitted resolutions, and will vote to recommend that the fellowship adopt, reject or modify the resolution when it is considered at the Annual Meeting. AAOS will receive emergency resolutions, which would be advisory to AAOS until Jan. 31, 2001 - 30 days before the Annual Meeting's business meeting. Fellows interested in receiving more information about writing and submitting a resolution can contact Richard N. Peterson, AAOS, office of general counsel, (800) 346-2267 or by e-mail, peterson@aaos.org.

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