July 2000 AAOS Report

AAOS Board approves on-line surgical review project, 'textbook'

The AAOS Board of Directors last month approved development of the first phase of a Just-In-Time surgical review project and an online orthopaedic textbook/manual. The Just-In-Time Online project is envisioned as a web-based educational resource on the Academy website where orthopaedic surgeons will be able to review current information on common or difficult surgical procedures. "AAOS has taken a major step forward to enhance educational services for the fellowship using the vast potential of the Internet," said Richard H. Gelberman, MD, first vice president. In concept, once surgery is indicated, an orthopaedic surgeon can plan the most appropriate surgical procedure, referring to information from texts, journal articles and videos on the website. At its meeting June 3-4 in Chicago, the Board approved up to $500,000 to be allocated to support the initial phase of the online education plan, including hiring editors and staff for the projects. This issue of the AAOS Report includes an insert with the position descriptions of the editors of the Just-In-Time Online program and the online orthopaedic text book. The positions also appear at www.aaos.org (click "Medical Education"). The Board also approved a package of initiatives to enhance patient-physician relationships, including developing a proposed Advisory Statement, Instructional Course series at Annual Meetings and a patient satisfaction survey. Other activities include developing a new column in the Bulletin, a videotape training program and a mentoring program. Additionally, the Board approved five new initiatives of the Bone and Joint Decade Committee aimed at increasing members' and the public's awareness of the burden of musculoskeletal disease on society.

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