July 2001 AAOS Report

Group web sites now available, physician web pages enhanced

The Information Services Department announces the availability of AAOS-sponsored group web sites, free of charge to AAOS members. Refer to the Member Services area of the web site, www.aaos.org. For more information, contact either Jim Ogle by phone at (847) 384-4280 or e-mail, ogle@aaos.org; or Pam Butenshen, by phone at (847) 384-4282, or e-mail at orthodoc@aaos.org. Information Services also reports enhancements to the personal physician web pages. Members who forget their passwords now can obtain them during the login process. If an incorrect password is entered, the member will be asked to provide a last name, first name and birthdate. When a match is found on all three entries, the password is displayed. AAOS has more than 90 percent of the members' birthdates on file. Under "Patient Information," the AAOS member can now upload office forms and information sheets. 'Upload' means the document is retrieved from the member's PC and saved on the AAOS web server. Only two types of files are supported, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. Under "Patient Information," members can also now upload their own patient education materials. These will appear under the heading "Patient Information from Your Physician." Personal physician web site development and maintenance is located in the Member Services section of the AAOS web site, www.aaos.org. Members can e-mail Pam Butenshen at orthodoc@aaos.org for assistance.

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