July 2002 AAOS Report

Courses planned on orthopaedic coding, reimbursement

The AAOS, in cooperation with KarenZupko & Associates, is presenting workshops during 2002 in a number of U.S. cities, aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability in the practices of orthopaedic surgeons. "Gold Medal Reimbursement Strategies" is an all-day Friday workshop. "The Masters in Orthopaedic Coding for 2002" is an all-day Saturday course. Upcoming sessions for 2002 now scheduled include Baltimore, Aug. 23-24; Denver, Sept. 11-12; Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 11-12; and Chicago, Nov. 8-9. To register, go to the AAOS home page, www.aaos.org, click on to Medical Education section, and in the Orthopaedic Campus, click on "Student Union," and go to "Other Courses." To have questions answered, or to register, call (312) 642-5616.

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