July 2003 AAOS Report

Clinical performance measurement and guidelines set for osteoarthritis of the knee

OA of the knee affects at least 12 percent of American adults, 65 years and older. Approximately 10 million American adults were diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 1999. Osteoarthritis is among the chronic conditions included in the Doctor's Office Quality Project of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. ln line with the concept of continuous quality improvement in patient care, evidence-based clinical performance measures have been identified as a means for tracking changes. Over the past year, the AAOS has been working with the AMA Physician's Consortium for Performance Improvement, as well as other groups with osteoarthritis expertise, to identify key performance measures for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. The measures have now been approved for dissemination. AAOS members are encouraged to review, share, use and encourage usage of these measures by any physicians who treat OA of the knee.

The AAOS Knee Evidence Analysis Work Group has completed an evidence-based clinical guideline addressing treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee by first contact physicians. For additional information about this guideline or other AAOS clinical practice guidelines, please contact the department of research and scientific affairs at (847) 384-4310.

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