AAOS Report - July, 2005

BONES Society offers 2004 Orthopaedic Practice Benchmarking Survey results

A total of 250 practices participated in the online BONES Society Orthopaedic Practice Benchmarking Survey during 2004. Among the highlights: Physician compensation ranged from a low of $52,000 (per physician, full-time) to a high of $1,627,660. This included partner/owners and non-partner/employee physicians. The median for physician compensation was $446,026; the average was $489,761.

Total administrator compensation ranged from a low of $23,580 to a high of $486,390. The median for administrator compensation was $86,250 and the average was $98,100. The median for staffing was 5.7 full-time employees per physician.

Please encourage your BONES member practice administrator to complete the 2005 online survey. An executive summary of the 2004 results is available for $200 for BONES members and $400 for non-members. Membership applications are available online.

To order the summary or to join the BONES Society, visit http://www.bonessociety.org or call (800) 247-9699.

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