AAOS Report - July, 2005

ABJS seeking manuscripts for two research awards

The American Bone and Joint Society (ABJS), in conjunction with Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (CORR), is soliciting manuscripts for two awards. Applicants for the Marshall R. Urist Young Investigator Award must be less than 40 years old at the time of submission, and the manuscript must address clinical research or clinically relevant laboratory research not previously published. The Nicolas Andry Award will be given to an orthopaedic investigator for musculoskeletal system work done over an extended period. The work should be ongoing, and have significantly contributed to orthopaedic knowledge and practice. Winning papers for both awards will be presented at the ABJS annual meeting, April 3-7, 2006, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and submitted to CORR for publication. Submit completed manuscripts electronically between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1, 2005 at www.corronline.com

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