AAOS Report - July , 2006

AAOS offers peer counseling service for medical malpractice defendants

Being sued for medical malpractice is always traumatic. It can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone.

If you are feeling stress due to a medical liability suit and would like to talk with another orthopaedist who’s been through a similar situation, the AAOS might be able to help. AAOS members can now take advantage of a free “peer counseling service.” Callers will be connected to a trained peer counselor, an orthopaedist with whom they can freely talk about their feelings and ways to better cope with the emotional challenges they are facing. This is not a legal service, or a part of the AAOS Professional Compliance Program, but a way to help you get the support that sometimes only comes from talking to a peer who understands what you’re going through.

Call Bob Fine, director health policy, at (800) 346-2267 for more information or to be put in touch with one of our trained peer counselors.

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