July 1995 AAOS Report

Names in the news

Thomas E. Price, MD, has been elected first vice president of the Medical Association of Georgia, and an alternate delegate to the American Medical Association . . . Charles B. Gillespie, MD, has been named the 1995 recipient of the Medical Association of Georgia's Hardman Cup . . . Paul S. Carton, MD, has been elected president of the Westchester County, N.Y. Medical Society . . . David R. Mauerhan, MD, has been awarded membership in the American College of Physician Executives . . . Carl L. Stanitski, MD, has been awarded the annual outstanding service award from the department of education of the Detroit, Mich. school system . . . The Pediatric Orthopaedic Soicety of North American has elected Morris O. Duhaime, MD, president; G. Paul DeRosa, MD, first vice president; J. Andy Sullivan, MD, second vice president; James H. Beaty, MD, secretary; and David D. Aronsson, MD, treasurer . . . New officers of the Musculoskletal Tumor Society are Douglas J. Pritchard, MD, president; Jeffrey J. Eckhardt, MD, president-elect; and Ross M. Wilkins, MD, secretary-treasurer.

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