July 1996 AAOS Report

Clinical policies, algorithms to be reviewed

The Academy's Oversight Committee on Guidelines is seeking input on two of its clinical algorithms and five of its clinical policies. The draft clinical algorithms undergoing peer review include the Phase I ankle injury algorithm and Phase II knee pain algorithm. The clinical policies that need to be reviewed deal with Pes planus, Hallux valgus, and the spine (herniated lumbar disc, spinal stenosis, and low back musculoligamentous injury). The committee is asking orthopaedic surgeons who volunteer to review the spine clinical policies also to compare them with the corresponding differential diagnoses contained within the Phase II low back pain algorithm developed by the Academy and North American Spine Society's Algorithm Task Force. A copy of the Phase II low back pain algorithm will be included (for comparison purposes only) in the peer review booklet. Because the spine clinical policies and Phase II low back pain algorithm are Academy guidelines on the same diagnoses, it is imperative that both documents provide consistent recommendations. Feedback regarding the overall consistency and/or inconsistencies is appreciated.

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