June 2000 AAOS Report

Bone and Joint Decade activities move forward

The Bone and Joint Project Steering Group met in Budapest, Hungary on April 14-16 and set a goal to submit data on musculoskeletal conditions to the Epidemiology and Burden of Disease Unit at the World Health Organization. A January Geneva Conference noted the need to include other spine conditions, such as back pain, tumors, soft tissue disorders, and minor injuries, including sprains and strains. The "Measuring Burden of Disease II" group met on May 3 in Rosemont, Ill., to develop action plans for U.S. data collection. The International Bone and Joint Decade group established five major areas of study-osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and related diseases, spinal disorders and musculoskeletal trauma. The U.S. group added two categories to its program-children's musculoskeletal conditions and anomalies, and soft tissue disorders. Participants agreed that a Centralized Data Group should be established to analyze data and determine what data are still needed. At a formal luncheon in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, June 7, the Clinton administration is expected to present a letter of support and recognition to the Academy and other U.S. group supporters of the Bone and Joint Decade-2000-2010.

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