June 2001 AAOS Report

Board approves series of organizational changes to enhance efficiency

A series of significant organizational changes designed to enable the AAOS to function efficiently and effectively in the rapidly changing environment was approved by the Board of Directors, meeting May 18-19, 2001, in Rosemont, Ill. The Board approved the concept of horizontal integration, an organizational model that creates interactions between major AAOS governing bodies and activity areas-all driven by the Strategic Plan. The Board approved the language of proposed Bylaws changes that would change the composition of the Board of Directors, and change the method by which the Fellowship adopts resolutions and Bylaws amendments. The changes, approved by the Board April 21, were reported in the May 2001 AAOS Report, which is in the Library section of the AAOS home page at www.aaos.org. AAOS members will vote on these proposed Bylaws changes at the 2001 Annual Meeting. The Board set in motion the creation of the Council on Academic Affairs, which was approved in April. A new process of selecting members for positions on Academy committees, councils and project teams also was approved. The process will seek members for these positions based on their knowledge, experience and interest. The business plan for Orthopaedic Knowledge Online was also approved. This will be an interactive site on the AAOS home page that will offer orthopaedic surgeons, starting in October, the latest information on orthopaedic topics in text, journal articles and video. The Board eliminated the Clinical Committees, noting that the committees' work could be handled by the Council on Musculoskeletal Specialty Societies.

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