June 2002 AAOS Report

Board approves EMTALA compendium, weighs nursing shortage

Board approves EMTALA compendium, The AAOS Board of Directors met May 17-18 in Rosemont, Ill. The Board approved a request from the Patient Access to Emergency Care Project Team for funding to develop a compendium of information on EMTALA issues. Several committee appointments were approved, including that of Robert D. D'Ambrosia , MD, as chair of the 2003 Nominating Committee and David Wong, MD, as chair of the new Patient Safety Committee. The Board approved a plan presented by First Vice President James Herndon, MD, for development of an Orthopaedic Coalition for Patient Safety. The Patient Safety Committee will provide oversight for the coalition. The Board also approved a protocol that provides guidance on how the AAOS might enter into cooperative commercial ventures whereby AAOS would acquire and sell qualified practice management products developed by outside vendors and other commercial entities. In other action, the Board adopted the Board of Councilors' (BOC) American Nursing Shortage 'Advisory Opinion, which supports legislation and other efforts to address the nursing shortage in the United States, upon the recommendation of the BOC. It was referred to the Council on Health Policy and Practice for further study.

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