June 2004 AAOS Report

Humanitarian Award nominations due July 1

An orthopaedist becomes a humanitarian through actions that save human lives, alleviate human suffering and support human dignity. Nomination forms and supporting materials for the 2005 Humanitarian Award are due July 1, 2004.

Examples of musculoskeletal efforts that would be eligible for the Humanitarian Award include championing the rights of people with physical disabilities, mentoring minority students into musculoskeletal health-care careers, creating outreach clinics for under-served U.S. populations and performing overseas medical service either independently or through a disaster relief organization such as Orthopaedics Overseas, Doctors Without Borders or Rotary International Leadership. The AAOS Humanitarian of the Year must be committed, through actions, to musculoskeletal-related public health issues, at home or abroad.

If you know of an AAOS fellow who is worthy of this high honor, please submit a nomination for the 2005 Humanitarian Award. The application is in Word and Adobe Acrobat format.

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