June 2004 AAOS Report

Here's your chance for fame but probably not fortune

The Public Education and Media Relations (PEMR) Department is looking for a few good, humorous ideas that will promote the theme that Americans aren't getting enough exercise. Each year the Academy produces a multimedia public service advertising campaign consisting of television, radio and print ads.

This year, the advertising spot will continue to show ways that Americans avoid exercise. Last year, there was the hefty kid sitting at his computer, who uses his cell phone to call his grandmother in the next room to ask her for another grape soda. Another spot featured a man with a chocolate doughnut in his mouth riding his mower to his mailbox. America has become sedentary—and the lack of weight-bearing activities is detrimental to bone health at any age.

A comic twist on this sedentary epidemic helps drive the message home. Now we're looking for new "sedentary" ideas from you and members of your staff. Anyone who submits a funny scene that we use in our new spot will win a prize.

The deadline for submitting stories has been extended to June 15 for AAOS Report readers. Please submit your idea to Sandy Gordon, director, PEMR, by e-mail, mailto:gordon@aaos.org or fax, (847) 823-7268.

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