June 2004 AAOS Report

New publication series focuses exclusively on complications

Complications in Orthopaedics is a new book series that explores common complications of specific orthopaedic conditions, steps to address them, and prevention. Tibial Shaft Fractures, edited by William M. Ricci, MD, is the first release in the series.

Tibial shaft fractures are associated with the greatest number of complications when compared with other long bone fractures. Succinctly written and vividly illustrated, the book takes a case-based approach to solving the problem. Each chapter explores a challenging patient case in depth: starting with initial radiographs, diagnosis and initial treatment to management options and treatment, including rationale.

Each new book costs $50 for nonmembers and $40 for Academy members. Subscribers to Complications in Orthopaedics will save an additional 10 percent ($5) on each new release. The next title in the series, Pediatric Upper Extremity Fractures, is due to be released this fall.

To purchase Tibial Shaft Fractures or subscribe to the series, call AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726.

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