June 2004 AAOS Report

Join Multimedia's Operation "Share the Knowledge"

The Academy receives a wide range of educational material from members, seeking to share orthopaedic knowledge with other AAOS fellows Members who have the equipment, time and ability also contribute video in various forms, such as videotape, CD-ROM, DVDs and even Web sites that contain educational materials. Because orthopaedists tend to be visual learners, a good way for them to learn the steps of a surgical procedure is to see a well-made, visually accurate video of the procedure.

The Academy welcomes high-quality, digitally formatted videos from its members. From these products, the Academy has recently produced some excellent surgical procedure-based programs. The department of electronic media invites all member surgeons who have the capability to "Share the Knowledge" and send videos of their surgical procedures for inclusion in the Orthopaedic Surgeons Video Library. The video might be included in a multimedia product that will teach hundreds of Academy peers how to perform surgical procedures correctly.

Please e-mail mailto:MME@aaos.org to obtain details on how you can Operate, Shoot, Contribute—and be featured as an exhibit at the 2005 Annual Meeting.

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