AAOS Report - June, 2005

Information on Professional Compliance available on new Web site

The fellowship officially adopted three Standards of Professionalism (SOPs), effective April 18, and approved bylaw amendments for the Professional Compliance Program. Efforts are now underway to publicize this new program and ensure that all fellows and members are aware of the SOPs and the procedures for processing formal grievances.

Fellows and members may access information about the AAOS Professional Compliance Program, the SOPs, the Committee on Professionalism (COP) and the Judiciary Committee online at http://www3.aaos.org/member/profcomp/profcomp.cfm The site also links to the Expert Witness Program Web site, http://www.aaos.org/expert

Alleged violations of the SOPs may form the basis for a formal grievance filed under the AAOS Professional Compliance Program. Under the bylaws, only fellows and members may file grievances against other fellows and members. All related civil proceedings or administrative reviews must be concluded before a fellow or member files a grievance. In addition, to be considered, the matter in question must have occurred on or after April 18, 2005.

Questions about grievances should be e-mailed to either aaosexpertwitness@aaos.org or professionalcompliance@aaos.org. In addition, you can telephone the Professional Compliance Program representative at (847) 384-4047.

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