AAOS Report - June, 2005

AAOS members urged to complete 5-year review surveys

Every five years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conducts a review of the relative value units assigned to various codes to identify and correct payment rates for under- or over-valued services within the Medicare fee schedule. The current five-year review includes 125 orthopaedic procedures; in addition, the relative values for evaluation and management (E/M) codes will be closely scrutinized.

The bulk of the orthopaedic surveys will be mailed by June 10. The deadline for returning the surveys is July 15.

The AAOS is collecting data to support recommendations for changes in reimbursement rates. The AAOS will use member census data to ensure that the members surveyed will be asked about codes relevant to their practices. Members who receive the surveys must be careful to complete them as honestly and accurately as possible. Do not underestimate or overestimate any component of the survey.

The information will be used to develop recommendations that affect reimbursement rates and to set the Medicare reimbursement rate of the surveyed procedure relative to other procedures on the Medicare fee schedule.

If you are asked to complete a data-collection survey, it is vitally important for you to complete and return the survey. Whether you are part of the random sample or a volunteer, remember to provide the most accurate data possible. The easiest way to access the survey is at the Health Policy section of the AAOS Web site, www.aaos.org for more information or to complete a five-year review survey. The same July 15 deadline applies to surveys completed online.

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