June 1999 AAOS Report

Academy in PSA about arthritis

Representatives from several medical organizations gathered at a May 7 press conference in Washington, D.C. to announce a new series of public service announcements featuring former NFL quarterback Joe Montana. The announcements are designed to draw attention to the widespread impact of arthritis. Montana told attendees at the press conference that he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis more than 10 years ago and suffered with pain through much of his playing career. "Many people think of arthritis as an older person's disease, but the reality is that more than half the people with arthritis are under age 65," says Montana in one public service announcement. "The good news is that there are ways to manage arthritis through diet, exercise and appropriate medications. Your doctor can develop a program that is right for you. Early diagnosis and treatment can help you live more comfortably." The Academy, the Arthritis Foundation and other organizations were listed in the public service announcement.

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